Refinance Lead Lists

Quality refi lead lists are filled with the names of people who want to refinance their mortgages. Refinancing is an effective way for homeowners to make the cost of a mortgage lower every month so that there is more money available. A lead list assembled by Live Transfers® can become one of the most useful and valuable tools for your business or sales team. It is important to know why your business should be using refi lead lists every day.

The Lists Are Current and Accurate

One of the main reasons refi lead lists from Live Transfers® will make a difference is that they are current and accurate. The names on the list are not from people who wanted to refinance a decade ago. They are from people who have a real and pressing desire to refinance a mortgage. Additionally, the lead lists contain accurate information that is sometimes confirmed through independent sources. This ensures you are spending time trying to convert real people.

Unqualified People Are Filtered Out Of the List

Many different pieces of data are gathered about each name put on a lead list. This data allows Live Transfers® to run different filters in order to generate custom lists. They are not giving the same list to all clients. If you want to target people who are looking for refinancing, then refi lead lists will contain only people who are in a good position and qualified to refinance. Everyone else will be filtered out. You can also define other factors to include in the filter. The result will be a list that is tailored to your business goals.

Get the Type of List You Want

You can actually request many different types of refi lead lists. There is not just one containing generic information. You could request a list that contains postal addresses so that you can plan an aggressive direct mail campaign. You can request email lists in order to support your online marketing efforts. You could even request a list of aged leads who were looking for refinancing services in the past. This allows you to get the type of lead list that best suits your strategy.

Less Costly Than Other Options

Live Transfers® can deliver leads to you in many different ways. Refi lead lists tend to be less costly than some other options that involve real-time delivery. The lists require a smaller amount of overhead to generate. This benefits you because your sales team can receive more leads through a list for a lower price than using real-time Internet or other techniques.

Purchase Lists Of Exclusive Refi Leads

It is possible for your business to purchase exclusive refi lead lists. Exclusive lists of refi leads will not be passed around to other companies. Your business is the only one receiving those leads. Exclusive leads can give your company edge when trying to convert prospects who are just entering the market for refinancing since there will be no interference from competitors.