VA Mortgage Lead Lists

The Advantages of Using VA Mortgage Lead Lists

Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgages put home ownership within reach for active military service members, veterans and sometimes immediate family members. The VA mortgages provide a number of benefits to borrowers. This is a very specific niche within the real estate market. Some people do not even know that VA home loans exist. Other people have no idea how to acquire one of these loans. This is where VA mortgage lead lists can help your real estate business. Using one of these professionally assembled lead lists has several advantages.

Save Time Finding Leads

A VA mortgage lead list from a company like Live Transfers® allows you to save time finding viable prospects. The reality is that it can be very difficult to market specifically to the segment of veterans who want to buy a home through the VA mortgage program. Even other marketing tactics could take a very long time to draw in only a few prospects. A lead list delivers prospects directly to you in a very short amount of time since they are drawn from a constantly updated database.

Target Specific Markets or Demographics

Live Transfers® actually keeps a large amount of information about potential leads within a database. This gives you the ability to target specific markets or demographics. This is especially important when you are trying to market to narrow segments within the veteran population who want to buy a certain type of home. You can contact leads within very precise geographic regions where you have houses to sell. This type of targeted VA mortgage lead list allows you to create effective and personalized marketing campaigns to help convert prospects into new homeowners.

Market to Pre-Screened Prospects

Something that can waste a large amount of your time is marketing to prospects who do not have the resources to buy a home. It can be very difficult for you to go through every lead on a list to determine financial status. An advantage of the VA mortgage lead lists from Live Transfers® is that everyone has been pre-screened. The company combines credit reports and other information in order to determine whether a prospect is in a position to qualify to buy a house with a VA mortgage. This saves time and frustration.

Reduce Marketing Costs

The return on investment when attempting to perform cold marketing for VA mortgages can be very poor. Entire campaigns might draw in only a handful of people over the course of a year or more. A VA mortgage lead list from Live Transfers® will lower your marketing costs and improve your return on investment. The costs for the leads on the list are predictable. Conversion rates tend to be higher because of the targeting and pre-screening. New leads are added all the time from different sources. You can streamline your marketing costs by using VA mortgage lead lists from Live Transfers®.