Refinance Direct Mail Leads

Improve Your Business with Refi Direct Mail Leads
Finding people who want to refinance a mortgage can be hit or miss. It can be difficult to identify exactly who is the best prospect without having a large amount of data on each individual. Life Transfers® has assembled this type of database. The company can sort through millions of people in order to give you leads that are likely to convert. This can be done through the very effective medium of direct mail. Refi direct mail leads can improve your business in several ways.

Mailings Are Targeted Based On Financial Qualifications

Typical direct mail lists sort leads by very broad parameters. A list might be sorted by something as vague as people who own a house. Live Transfers® has the information necessary to choose refi direct mail leads based on highly granular factors. The leads generated are selected based on factors like loan-to-value ratio and credit history. You can specify dozens of other things that can be used to sort the list even further. This improves your business by reducing the cost of a direct mail campaign and keeping your marketing budget under control. It also increases the chance of converting anyone who receives the mailing.

Enjoy the Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Refi direct mail leads allow your business to enjoy the benefits of direct mail marketing. Direct mail makes it into the homes of prospects. The mailers can remind homeowners about refinancing every time they are seen. They can provide detailed information about the advantages of refinancing. Direct mail is also persistent. It can remain in the home or on a table where it will be seen every day. This keeps your business and the idea of refinancing in the minds of homeowners on a daily basis. This can increase conversions both immediately and in the weeks or months after the mail arrives.

Direct Mail Recipients Initiate the Call

Although cold calls have their place when trying to generate leads, inbound calls are always more efficient and profitable. Refi direct mail leads will be initiating the call every time. The leads will be interested in refinancing if the call is made. This reduces the number of hang-ups, misdialed calls and disconnected numbers. Every salesperson can be more productive because the leads are eager to get right into the details about refinancing. Direct mail will bring in qualified leads who have a good chance of converting.

Tracking and Deliverability

You can improve your business by relying on the expertise and experience of a company like Live Transfers® to handle the direct mail campaign. This expertise makes certain that refi direct mail leads are generated quickly and consistently. The mailings are all tracked as they enter the system so that your business knows when to start expecting calls from leads. Steps are taken to ensure a high level of deliverability so that nearly all the leads actually receive the mailers. This attention to tracking and deliverability helps to make generating leads through direct mail more effective.