VA Mortgage Live Transfer Leads

How VA Mortgage Live Transfers® Can Change How You Find Leads

The number of veterans looking for mortgages in the country today is rising. This is partly because of the Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgage program that allows the government to partially back the loans. Veterans and active duty military people can use this program to buy a new home. Finding leads who qualify for and want a VA mortgage can be difficult. You can get help by going through a company like Live Transfers® that hunts down these leads for you. They can transfer interested veterans right to your phone. VA mortgage live transfers® can change the way you find leads in several ways.

All Leads Are Pre-Qualified

Some cold calls can result in a long conversation trying to court a prospect who simply does not qualify for a VA mortgage in the end. This can waste a large amount of time every day. All VA mortgage live transfers® are pre-screened and pre-qualified before being sent to your phone. A live operator asks questions in order to determine if the person can qualify for a VA mortgage. You can also specify other details like location or high loan amounts. If the person does not meet those standards, then they are not transferred to you. This means you will be talking to only people who can qualify for a VA mortgage.

Screening Is Done By Domestic Representatives

The experience a lead has before talking to your business is very important. A poor experience could cause the person to abandon the call or become upset at the process. This is why companies like Live Transfers® always use domestic representatives who have been trained to take calls. These representatives will have no communication problems and know what to look for when screening a call. They will leave the lead in a good mood when transferring a call to you.

Talk To Active Leads

Some companies that sell lists are really just selling the names and numbers of people who might have inquired about a mortgage at some point in the past. The individual might have done this a very long time ago and might no longer be looking for a mortgage. Live Transfers® does not do this. The leads you get from the company are all active. VA mortgage live transfers® are occurring because the customer is interested in a loan in that exact moment. This makes every call more valuable.

Leads Come To You

Cold calling leads from a list is not always efficient. You could spend days calling until you discover no one on the list really wanted a VA mortgage. With VA mortgage live transfers®, the leads are coming to you. Representatives are providing you with inbound calls that have interested prospects on the other end. You are not wasting time with someone who was on a list by accident. You are only talking to the people you have a chance to convert. This can improve your conversion rate and revenue.