VA Mortgage Aged Leads

Why You Should Never Ignore VA Mortgage Aged Leads

Over 20 million people are eligible for Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgages that are backed by the government. These VA mortgages allow people access to larger or more expensive homes. They also allow some people to qualify for mortgages more easily while serving in the military. Not everyone who starts looking for a VA mortgage is ready to go through with the loan process right away. These people become aged leads after anywhere from a day to a few months. Companies like Live Transfers® collect these leads for your business. Using VA mortgage aged leads has a number of benefits.

Reclaim Abandoned Customers

An aged lead is a person who inquired about VA mortgages in the past, was contacted by other businesses and then decided not to get the mortgage. These individuals were motivated at one point to get a VA mortgage. You have a good chance of converting these aged leads. Aged leads are likely to have a made a decision about the VA mortgage between the last contact and when you start building a relationship with the prospect. You can reclaim and convert these abandoned leads.

Lower Costs

Something to consider is that VA mortgage aged leads from Live Transfers® are generally less expensive than real-time Internet or other leads. This is because it is less costly to accumulate lists of these prospects. There is also lower demand. The reality is that these leads are just as valuable and high quality as any other type of mortgage lead. You can significantly reduce your costs by including aged leads as part of your business plan. You can usually get many more aged leads for less than exclusive or real-time leads.

Aged Leads Do Not Require Immediate Action

Working with real-time Internet leads is all about getting to the prospect fast in order to capture the person before a solid decision is made about which business to use. This means you need to be working quickly and balancing time against the number of people left on contact on a list. This can lead to ineffective marketing or poor communications. Aged leads from Live Transfers® do not require immediate action. You can take time to design an effective marketing message or to approach the prospect from a unique angle. This allows you to spend more time converting individual leads.

Competition Is Less of an Issue

Some that is unique about VA mortgage aged leads from Live Transfers® is that they have already been in contact with some of your competition. They have been contacted at least once sometime in the last week or few months. Some have been contacted several times by different companies. This is a benefit because it makes the competition less of an issue. You do not need to worry about ads or marketing from other businesses since the prospect already decided to pass them by.