Refinance Aged Leads

When you offer refinanced mortgages, you know very well how valuable this can be to someone who is struggling with a mortgage, and you also know how hard it can be to get them to commit! Refinancing is a very big task, and the end result is that it can be very hard for you as a seller to get people interested. The truth is that instead of going out and drumming up your own business as so many people try and fail to do, it is time for you to look into live transfers® and what they can do for you.

The problem with selling refinancing services is that you are in a situation where not everyone needs you, and even the people who do need you are not always sure what it is that you are offering. Cold calling these people is an exercise in frustration, and you will find that getting out to drum up your own business can take valuable time away from actually doing your job.

This is where Live Transfers® comes in with their aged leads! 

The first thing to think about is what a lead is. A lead is essentially a person who has already expressed an interest in your refinancing services. Perhaps they did not know they were looking for you, or maybe they called a general number looking for information. Regardless of what they did, they have expressed an interest in the very service that you are selling. 

Live transfers® gathers these leads and sells them to you. Each lead has been vetted for interest and for a genuine chance to make you a sale. Instead of walking up to people who have no idea what you are offering, you will be talking to people who have both a need and an interest in refinancing their home. Take a moment to think about what this could mean for your business!

An aged lead is a lead that is a little older. While many people say that new leads are the best, you will discover that not only are aged leads a little cheaper, they are still frequently good. This is a great way for you to get the most bang for your buck, as many aged leads have made little to no headway on their problem and are increasingly interested in someone who can tell them what’s what. 

Think about what your business has been doing and how many leads you have turned up on your own. If you sell refinancing services, you are experts in refinancing, not in sales. Let someone else do this work for you so you can get to work doing what you do best.

Many businesses find that purchasing leads can turn their world around around. IF you are ready to change the way your business works, consider how purchasing refi aged leads can help you!