HARP Aged Leads

Why HARP Aged Leads Can Contribute To Your Success

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) is helping people all around the country to live a better life. It allows certain homeowners to refinance a mortgage so that monthly payments become more affordable. Homeowners who initially contacted different companies about the HARP program and then did not follow-up and did not refinance are called aged leads. They were once leads but have not been contacted in some time. These HARP aged leads from a service such as Live Transfers® can contribute to your success in several ways.

Aged Leads Want To Refinance

HARP aged leads are unique from many other types of prospects because these individuals definitely want to refinance. They took the initial steps to start the refinancing process under HARP and then stopped for some reason. This reason could have been something temporary or simply dissatisfaction with a competitor. It does not change the basic fact that the lead is still looking for a way to refinance. You have the opportunity to rescue this transaction and convert the lead whenever you get the name of an aged prospect.

The Leads Have Already Been Pre-Qualified

The people who are considered HARP aged leads were being contacted by other companies for a reason. It is because these leads were already deemed eligible for the HARP program. They will still be eligible when you get the lead information or call. You can have confidence that each lead is valid and waiting for someone to complete the process of refinancing the home. Additionally, companies like Live Transfers® assemble special databases of aged leads that confirm eligibility requirements and demographics that you can use to specifically include or exclude different market segments.

Aged Leads Have Experience on the Phone

One of the advantages of adding HARP aged leads to your business plan is that much of the initial hard work has already been done by your competitors. An aged lead likely already knows about the details of the HARP program. They might have some idea about the terms they want. They are already familiar with talking on the phone about refinancing. You and your sales team do not have to go through an awkward process of initiating the prospect into the business process. This helps to convert aged leads much more quickly and easily.

Higher Numbers of Aged Leads Are Available

Although real-time leads are very important for any business, aged leads play an important role too. There are more HARP aged leads available at any given time because the database is updated regularly. These leads are not time-sensitive. This allows you to fill the time between real-time leads with calls to aged prospects. Your sales team can work on educating and building relationships with these aged leads between real-time calls. This can increase the number of conversions for each salesperson and can compensate for slow periods during the year.