FHA Live Transfer Mortgage Leads

FHA Mortgage Leads

Sales is a difficult and competitive industry to work in, especially when you are challenged with the task of finding leads. For those that work in the FHA Mortgage industry, this challenge is even more pronounced. Most of the time, you aren’t fully aware if your prospective clients qualify, which individuals may be interested and if the FHA loan is even relevant to the needs of the client. Therefore, all you are left with is wasted time and a great deal of frustration – unless, you try LiveTransfers®, a system where our leads give you a call which effectively makes them your leads.
How We Target FHA Homeowners
LiveTransfers® has worked hard to perfect the system, but one thing for sure is that the system works very well. To gain leads, LiveTransfers® utilizes a number of strategies such as acquiring verified FHA borrower lists, telemarketing technologists, internet, radio, television, and so much more. The FHA leads that are provided are all interested in the product, which means significantly less work for you. One of the most favored FHA lead services is the internet leads. With this service, thousands of new clients visit the local FHA websites which easily generates leads for you.
Your Company Name Goes Straight to Leads
When LiveTransfers® contacts potential clients that are interested in the service, the way that these clients become your clients is through the telemarketers. The telemarketers are specifically trained to provide potential clients with your company’s name so that more leads are generated for you and your business. The telemarketers will ensure that the client is interested in FHA loans to protect you from wasting your time. Once the potential clients are verified by the telemarketers, the call is transferred directly to your phone. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.
High Closing Costs
Because LifeTransfers® puts effort and time into finding the perfect leads for your business, you usually see a relatively high level of closings, which is around 15%-20%. With such a good rate, you can focus more on the success of your business and leave the work of finding potential leads to LiveTransfers®. The FHA mortgage clients are those that are completely interested in the product that you have to offer, which is why you see such a high rate of closings.
Local is Best
Lastly, when leads are generated, LiveTransfers® makes sure that these leads are relevant to you. Not only are they interested in an FHA mortgage, but they are interested in one in your area. This makes your job even easier.
No longer do you need to stress about getting leads, making sales, and meeting your quota for FHA loans. LiveTransfers® essentially does the job for you by getting you the clients that you need and are interested in your service – each of which is screened and directly transferred to your phone and given your name and your company name.