Is Social Media Truly An Effective Way Of Generating Leads?

Generating leads isn’t easy. Getting high-quality leads, takes time, and takes expertise. Social Media is one of the latest vehicles, through which business owners are considering generating leads. It’s definitely the newest!

Before you go and waste your time on Facebook, and other social media platforms, writing content, you need to ask yourself, “Are my decision makers actually on these platforms?”

Branding and lead generation are very different things. Making a post on Facebook, which is read, and shared, is great, for brand awareness. But, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a lead or a sale. If you’re a B2C company, then Twitter, Facebook, and other social media properties may be appropriate. But, if you’re goal is to impress corporate executives at Fortune 500 / Inc 5000 companies, then Facebook, Twitter, and other social media properties, are probably not a good idea. Most corporate executives are probably NOT using their Twitter account, or barely using it.

According to DHR international, 60% of business executive use social media only 1 hour or less per week. Based on this statistic, is it time for you to reanalyze if social media is right for your B2B business?

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