Reverse Live Transfers

Why Reverse Live Transfers® Are So Effective

A reverse live transfer is the process of switching a lead from a third-party representative directly to the phones in your office or business. The people who are transferred have shown interest in getting a reverse mortgage. A company like Live Transfers® specializes in this type of lead generation. Unlike lists or other options, a live transfer is a very immediate and fast-paced way to get new customers without wasting a large amount of time on ineffective marketing techniques. You should understand why reverse live transfers® are so effective.

Representatives Talk To Leads First

One important difference between reverse live transfers® and other inbound call techniques is that customers are not connecting directly to you when first calling. People are actually being routed to a domestic call center that contains trained representatives. These representatives quickly assess the caller. They go down a list to see whether the person is a good candidate for a reverse mortgage. They can then ask questions that you define in order to see if they are appropriate for your business. Callers who do not meet all the requirements are not transferred. Those who do meet all the requirements are sent to your phones.

Calls Are Sent To Your Business Immediately

Anyone who is calling a business wants to spend as little time on hold as possible. Callers can get very frustrated when transferred repeatedly or when put on hold for a long period of time. Live Transfers® makes sure this does not happen. Callers who show real interest in reverse mortgages and who qualify are transferred to your business right away. The leads will be in a positive mood when your sales team picks up the call. Representatives keep questions short so that it does not seem like a survey. This attention to speed and the customer experience will improve the chances that your salespeople will be able to convert inbound prospects.

Prospects Are Always Interested and Ready To Listen

Reverse live transfers® are coming from people who have said they were interested in a getting a reverse mortgage just seconds or minutes before you speak to them. This is unlike any other type of lead generation. All the calls coming into your business are from leads who are very interested and willing to listen. Conversion rates in these situations are much higher than average because the representatives and Live Transfers® have already done some of the work. Reverse live transfers® will help your business succeed.

Use Your Time More Effectively

Reverse live transfers® allow you and your sales team to use the time during the workday more effectively. You can spend less time making cold calls and asking people whether they even own a home. More of your time will be spent interacting directly with proven leads who are eager to get a reverse mortgage. This more efficient use of your time will result in higher numbers of conversions and increased profits.