Is Your Method Of Collecting Commercial Cleaning Leads Working?

How are you obtaining your commercial cleaning service client leads? Are you purchasing them from an industry list broker? Are you asking friends and family members for leads? Are you finding them going door-to-door? Or, are you placing ads in your local classifieds? 

All of these methods have been used by many other commercial cleaning outfits in the past. Take a look at some of the most common ways cleaning service entrepreneurs like you advertise, and why these methods may or may not work: 

Purchasing Leads From A List Broker

The list brokers will tell you that their leads are a slam-dunk for generating leads in your industry. After all, who doesn’t need their commercial property cleaned? However, what they won’t tell you is that their lists might contain out-of-date contract information. They also won’t tell you that many property owners don’t like to receive cold-call solicitations. 

Leads From Friends And Family Members

Many marketing “gurus” will advice you to tap into your personal and social circle in order to find new leads. Sometimes, this method works, but you can’t count on your friends and family members to bring you a stream of leads that will allow you to create sustainable cash flow. 

And worse, friends and family members tire very easily of hearing about your need for clients. In fact, many personal relationships become damaged because friends and family members begun to feel harassed by new entrepreneurs in their circle. So, unless you want to gain a reputation in your circle for being a pest, it’s best to leave those who are part of your personal circle alone. 

Collecting Leads By Advertising Door-To-Door

Door-to-door advertising and sales isn’t just for encyclopedia salesmen who target residential homes. Sometimes this method works but sometimes, it makes the property owner angry. And, many commercial property owners hang signage stating that they don’t want to be solicited to. door-to-door method is a hit-and-miss approach that often leads to wasted time, and frustration.

Again, it’s important that you use efficient, effective strategies that will help you to create a robust leads list that’s designed to keep you busy, and profitable. 

Live Transfer Leads Set You Up For Success

Live Transfer leads allow you to pick up your phone, and speak to commercial property owners who are familiar with your services, can afford your services, and need your services on a regular basis. These are the targets you need to market your services to, in order to become and remain profitable. 

You can select to speak to pre-screened leads, or website-generated leads. Either way, you won’t waste your time or business resources on lead generation. You can direct your energy towards completing cleaning jobs, and making your new customers happy.