HARP Live Transfers

We offer many options for you to easily connect with qualified HARP leads including targeted homeowner live transfers®, mailers, and data. Each lead is pre-screened to determine eligibility requirements of the program as well as your company’s property and homeowner requirements. 

Here are the latest guidelines for HARP:

• Your present loan must be originated prior to May 31, 2009
• Your present loan must be supported by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae
• Your mortgage must be free from a 30-day late payment penalty within the last 6 months and no more than one 30-day late payment penalty in the last year
• Your current LTV must be more than 80 percent
• HARP loans are readily available for several occupancy types including investment properties, and both primary and second home

Since the HARP program is far more flexible and open-minded regarding its eligibility requirements, the amount of potential eligible prospects has also significantly grown. 

HARP Live Transfers®

Our domestic call centers produce live inbound leads over the phone utilizing pre-screened DNC-ready homeowner lists. Our live transfer plan offers the simplest way to connect to HARP prospects. All you have to do is simply answer the phone and start selling. We do the hard part by contacting and qualifying your prospects so you can just focus on selling to them. Our live transfers® consist of a qualifying window to make sure the individual you are talking to is actually interested in discovering more about your particular services. That’s our promise to you. 


We use credit bureau information (soft inquiry) that’s pre-screened in order to target leads that you can easily use in your own telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. Besides eligible qualified leads, data can be filtered according to credit score, current home value, LTV, location, and by various other filters as well. 

HARP Mailers

Make the most of our effective HARP snap packs and letters in order to capitalize on conversions and response rates. We provide an entire mail solution that consists of data management and acquisition, printing (mail merge), and also sending. Our low-size test packages let you test the waters using our efficient mail program so you can experience for yourself the sheer quality of the inbound leads and response rate at a price you can afford.