HARP Internet Live Transfer Leads

How Your Business Can Benefit From Using HARP Internet Leads

Changes in eligibility requirements are drawing many people to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). HARP allows for mortgage refinancing under specific circumstances. You can take advantage of this renewed interest by seeking out HARP Internet leads through Live Transfers®. These leads are generated online through a variety of methods. They are quality leads from people who want your business to help with HARP refinancing. The leads are provided in real-time. Your business will benefit from quality HARP Internet leads in several different ways.

Isolate Just the Prospects Who Meet Your Standards

Many different people are looking for HARP refinancing today. They all have different situations and different reasons for wanting to refinance. Some of these individuals will never qualify for the HARP program. Others might not be committed to refinancing. You can isolate just the HARP Internet leads that meet your standards. This means leads who positively qualify for HARP. You could add other personal qualifications as well such as more stringent requirements for credit or loan-to-value ratios. Only the leads that match your requirements will be passed to your business.

Talk To Leads Minutes after Inquiries

Live Transfers® has an advanced system in place that allows you to capture leads in real-time as people are exploring ads or websites. You can have a live lead transferred to your phone within a few minutes after a prospect makes a request to talk to your business. This is very different from other systems where a lead might have to wait hours or days until talking to a salesperson. This speed makes it possible to grab leads before they start shopping around with competitors. You can become the primary service provider for a lead from the first moment the individual decides HARP refinancing is the right choice.

Integrate Branded Landing Pages and Forms

Another way to generate HARP Internet leads is by integrating your own branded landing pages and forms. These could be part of an existing website for your business. They could also be designed and built by Live Transfers®. The company can integrate landing pages into the online marketing that is generating leads. You then have the option to control what happens with your leads. You could respond to every request, send follow-up emails or even call right away. Integrating your own branded landing pages is a way to personalize the experience so that leads are more attracted to your specific business.

Control Costs

Live Transfers® can help you to control your marketing costs when looking for HARP Internet leads. There are different pricing models available that allow you to construct a predictable budget with very little waste. You can pay per lead sent to your business. The company bills your business when conversions occur online. This means you are only paying for the actual people who convert and contact your business. This can help to trim down you marketing budget, decrease overhead and increase margins.