FHA Mortgage Aged Leads

If you have been in the business of sales for any month time, then you realize the time that you waste in trying to qualify clients for very specific types of packages. FHA mortgage agent leads are such a niche audience that it does not benefit a salesman to purchase sales lists from third-party sources. The only real way to determine if a person is eligible for an FHA mortgage is to conduct very time-consuming research that cuts into conversation time with potential customers. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem that does not involve hiring expensive full-time staff.

The dedicated experts at Live Transfers® want to help you generate leads so that you can spend your time communicating with customers and converting them to your program. With us, you do not have to worry about cold calling anymore – you will have qualified leads for FHA mortgages calling your phone. These people will be preselected based upon forms that they have previously filled out in order to qualify themselves. You will not have to go through that time-consuming process.

We have many features that can help you in the early part of your sales model depending on your needs and on your budget. Even the smallest company has the ability to take advantage of a Live Transfers® package deal.

If you have time on your hands or you already have good lead generation, then you can invest in our basic package, which will bring new, prequalified leads to your phone. If you have less time to spare, then you can set the terms for your forms before we send them out to pre-qualify leads. You can make these leads as specific or as broad as you need to. However, our premium program has a history of 10 to 20% conversion rate when used properly by a dedicated salesman.

When you’re ready to take your sales program to the next level, give Live Transfers® a call. It is the last call that you may have to make as a salesman. We look forward to helping you make better use of your time and speak to more qualified leads more quickly!