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Walk-in Tubs

Purchasing a Walk-in Tub can be a very confusing process for seniors. With the ongoing growth of the 65+ population coupled with the decreasing nursing home population, it is no secret that The Greatest Generation and The Boomers are committed to Aging in Place. Aging in Place is very simply the ability to live in one’s own home – wherever that might be – for as long as is confidently and comfortably possible. A Walk-In Tub can be described as any bath tub containing a door that opens and closes allowing for easy entry and exit. But, unlike a walk-in shower, you can fill it with water and soak in it. They typically range in price from $1700 to over $30,000 depending on the features chosen whether or not it is professionally installed, and most importantly, the quality of the product chosen. has partnered with some of the largest manufacturers, distributors and installers nationwide and can generate thousands of live transfer leads daily. All of our live transfer leads will consist of seniors that have a need for a walk-in tub and are genuinely interested in speaking with a company that can get them a quote. These interested prospects are transferred live straight to your phones on a daily basis. We will make your phones ring off the hook! If you sell and install walk-in tubs we can help you scale your business very quickly! Try today for your live exclusive walk in tub leads!