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In the last few years the solar industry has changed significantly. IN just two years the average cost of solar has dropped nearly 50%. Along with huge price decreases, the solar industry has provided various ways to obtain solar without spending a dollar upfront. Through leases, PPA’s, and different funding programs, home or commercial property owners can obtain solar without upfront money and save money month #1 after installed. Solar has become one of the country’s biggest economic driving forces and because of this there has also been a tremendous demand for live, exclusive solar leads. has partnered with the nation’s largest solar providers and is currently generating thousands of live transfers® daily for our corporate clientele. Our live transfer solar leads are all generated live, exclusively and we offer a 100% contact rate. This helps our solar customers get the maximum ROI with each live transfer campaign. Live Transfers® have proven to produce the largest volume of leads at the lowest cost with the highest closing rates in the industry. Try for your Live Transfer solar leads today!