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Our mortgage telemarketing center calls homeowners interested in refinancing their mortgage. Once our telemarketer speaks to an interested homeowner they will ask them a series of questions to pre-qualify them for a mortgage refinance.

If the homeowner qualifies, they will be instantly transferred to your office for you to close the deal. You pick the schedule and your target audience and we will provide you high quality mortgage leads right to your door.[/left]


All Live Transfers® are 100% exclusive and our telemarketers are trained to give them YOUR COMPANY NAME when calling.

Average Closing Of 15-20%

You may be wondering why our clients have so much success with our telemarketing mortgage leads. That’s due to the quality control we have with every lead generated as well as how we warm the lead to your phone call. We use name repetition over the phone so the homeowner remembers your company name as well as the telemarketer’s name. We pride ourselves in providing interested prospects and not just information about a homeowner.

Types Of Mortgage Live Transfer Campaigns

  • Conventional Refinance
  • FHA/VA Refinance
  • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

Mortgage Leads Transferred Right To Your Phone!

Every day our team of telemarketers will contact homeowners on your behalf. When an interested prospect has passed our qualifications we will transfer the call right to your phone. Since each campaign is custom you control the number of fresh telemarketed leads you receive each day and what days you receive them.

Telemarketing Mortgage Lead Quality Control

When a mortgage lead is entered into our system it is verified against our quality control standards. Any refinance lead that does not meet the criteria in our return policy is automatically deleted and never sold. If you ever receive a refi lead which does not qualify under our quality control standards we will replace it free of charge.

How Does a Live Transfer Work?

Choose Your Target Live Transfer Audience & Schedule

Our marketing pros will assist you in developing a targeted loan modification list of homeowners in your desired area. Our telemarketers will then call the list on your behalf during your scheduled live transfer times.

Start Answering The Phones!

Every live transfer campaign we do is completely custom to your needs. We handle it all when it comes to generating interested prospects for you and your company. Contact us today for more information and to get started today with your custom live transfer loan modification lead campaign.

Mortgage Live Transfer Return Policy Click Here

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