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Turn your data into dough! will help you tap into your database to uncover the wealth you are already sitting on. As a leader in Performance Marketing, we have access to a broad range of offers as well as the technical ability and skill-set to segment out your database and match the right offers with the right users.

All in all, can help you cost-effectively monetize your data, your traffic, and your calls.

Phone records

If you have a database of phone records, we can help monetize it through our Live Transfer call center network. Similar to email and postal list management, targets your data behaviorally to the appropriate campaign to yield the highest in conversions and revenue.

Email and Mobile List Management calculated and targeted approach to list management helps you generate revenue from your existing roster of customers. We work with top advertisers to strategize and select the best and most relevant 3rd party offers to share with your unique customer list through emails or SMS. can also help you to execute and better communicate your own offers to your subscribers, helping you to reach out to your user base to create a loyal community – ready to buy from you again and again. We maximize deliverability of the right messages to the right people, thereby increasing retention and lifetime value. From drumming up new subscribers, to handling unsubscribes, we can help you avoid the headaches and pitfalls of lists management – from bounced messages to CAN SPAM compliance.

E-commerce web site owner

Are you an e-commerce web site owner looking to further monetize your sales? Live Transfers® can provide you with targeted, customized, online up-sell / cross-sell programs to help you generate revenue from your current sales.

No e-commerce

No e-commerce? Are you looking to generate additional revenue from your site visitors? Live Transfers® can provide you with a list of highly targeted offers to be placed on your site to help further monetize your web traffic. We make sure to match you with the right and relevant advertisers – we match the offers that fit in with your site’s message.

Up-sell / Cross-sell programs

If you are a call center looking to further monetize your normal call traffic, Live Transfers® can provide you with a targeted list of offers that you can up-sell / cross-sell, or a suite of lead generation offers to help further monetize these calls.

Live Call Transfers

No need to train your reps! Transfer your calls and still generate revenue. Live Transfers® can take your calls and monetize them for you through up-sells and cross-sells.