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MLM Live Transfer

Multi-level marketing, better known as MLM marketing, lets you make money as you sign up new members to the program. You typically make money every time you sell a product, but you’ll also make money when members sign up underneath you and make sales of their own. Some of the top companies and individuals in the world make money solely from the leads they generate without selling any products of their own. With Live Transfers®, finding those leads is easy. You can save time, money and energy letting us find qualified leads based on your interests.

Lead Generation Problems

Wouldn’t you love to relax on the beach with your feet in the sand and a cold drink in your hand? Though that might sound like a dream, you can live the dream thanks to MLM marketing. The biggest hurdle that you’ll cross is the generation of your leads. Some people fill out surveys for more information just to enter a contest or because it sounds interesting without actually wanting to sell anything. You might call dozens of people or even hundreds of people without signing up a single customer. Live Transfers® takes the hard work out of generating the leads that you so desperately need.

Pre-Qualified Live Transfers®

We offer a unique program called pre-qualified live transfers®. With this program, we ask you to fill out a survey and answer questions about the customers that you want and need. We will only send people through if they match your qualifications. We pre-screen every person, and when we find someone who matches your restrictions, we’ll send them through. Many of our customers have a closing rate of 20 percent, meaning that 20 percent of every call we send you will end in a sale. In comparison, the closing rate on cold calling is around one percent or less.

Live Transfers Direct

With our live transfer’s direct program, we’ll help you launch a marketing campaign of your own. We’ll help you design a landing page that gives potential customers more information about how they can make money with you. We’ll then give you a 1-800 number that appears on your page and connects to your business. As an added bonus, we’ll even work with SEO experts to guarantee that your page ranks high and contains the information needed to drive traffic to your page. No matter which package interests you, you can get started today.