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Merchant Services Leads Generation

There are many businesses that are in need of merchant services. Unfortunately, finding them can sometimes be like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is a real dilemma because your business requires a steady stream of leads in order to grow and remain viable.

A common problem with many lead services is that the leads end up being stale as day old bread. Or, there are too many key decision makers that are not available to respond to your sales pitch. What you need is a multiple solution approach to lead generation that keeps you busy with potential prospects.

Here are three proven methods for generating qualified merchant services leads:

Live Lead Transfers

Tired of dusty old prospect lists?

Get leads that are hot and ready to speak with you right now. Live Transfers® is an exciting lead generation system that contacts the right type of leads for your business. Our system does all the work of contacting each prospect. You can decide what type of live setup fits within your current marketing plan.

Live leads are always fresh and sent directly to your phone or branded website. This service is heads above the standard dusty leads that really lead nowhere. You reach prospects while they are interested in your services. Want more sales? Go Live!


Email marketing is as strong as ever. This lead generation powerhouse is still a real winner when it comes to finding great prospects. As that old saying goes, “The money is in the list.”

Email marketing is a proven and tested method to generate ongoing leads that find you quality customers. Email is great for building relationships with prospects. Once someone is on your email list your marketing message can be sent out numerous times. However, in order for it to be effective, email marketing must be done right.

We are experts in all forms of email marketing. We can work with you to create a high-performing automatic lead generating system that works for you 24-hours a day.

Targeted Lists

The problem with most lists is that they are too broad for your industry. We provide our customers with targeted lists filled with prospects already interested in the type of products and services you offer. Save time and wasted effort by reaching companies in need of merchant services. Sales go a lot smoother when you connect with eager prospects ready to buy.