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Medicare Supplement

Because Medicare supplement policies are for such a specified part of the population, it is not always easy to find qualified leads. Insurance agents can easily spend more than half of their daily work day doing nothing but searching for potential customers. Considering the changing world of internet and social media marketing and all of the other different ways an agent has to market his business today, it is almost impossible to have any time left in the day to actually try to sell a Medicare supplement policy or two and make some money.

If you are an insurance agent struggling to find qualified Medicare supplement leads, you need to become a customer of Live Transfers® today and watch your business change practically overnight. Live Transfers® is a lead generation company unlike any other. Our proven systems can have qualified leads flowing into your company within minutes of creating your account.

Live Transfers® works by setting up lead generation websites and social media campaigns that specifically target people who are interested in purchasing a Medicare supplement policy right now. The customer calls into the Live Transfers® call center, and one of the specialized agents goes to work to pre-qualify the client based on your specific guidelines. Once the client has been pre-qualified as a good customer for your company, they are immediately transferred via phone to your company. This provides you the opportunity to sell a Medicare supplement policy at the exact time a client is ready to purchase one.

Live Transfers® understands that a fresh lead is priceless to a Medicare supplement sales agent. Leads produced by other companies are often a few days old, and there is a good chance that the potential client is not as excited to purchase a Medicare supplement policy days after they made their initial inquiry. Live Transfers® wants you to be successful with the leads we provide, and our entire process of lead generation is set up with the end sale in mind.