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Health Insurance

At LiveTransfers®, our leads call you. We put them through a screening process to ensure only the highest quality sales leads contact you. We have been specializing in live leads since 2001. When you’ve had it with chasing leads, we can help you out thanks to Pre-Qualified Live Transfers®, Live Transfers Direct and Voice Broadcasting. We even offer health insurance live leads that cater to your specific industry. All prospects are pre-screened, with up to 20 percent closing ratios. Our Live Transfer agents personally screen calls at U.S.-based centers for your peace of mind.

Our insurance leads are one of the best ways you can explore to reach your target audience. Don’t waste your time and efforts prospecting sales leads. Let your clients come to you instead through this efficient and effective strategy, whether you’re a small-time insurance agent or a large insurance company. Our powerful marketing program will ensure success because you will close more sales in this dog-eat-dog market. Your insurance agents will experience more productivity as a result. Choose from one of many of our live transfer insurance leads. These include health, life, mortgage, auto, home owner and annuity insurance leads.

Taking part of our Live Transfer Insurance leads means you can preserve your time instead of chasing leads yourself. Once the call is put through to you, that lead has been pre-screened by our professional consultants, so you can rest assured the prospect is ready to hear what you have to say. If you’re in the health care insurance field, we’ve got the expertise and services that can benefit you.

Partnering with us for an efficient way to contact leads with minimal effort on your part means you get access to our professionals who boast many years’ experience in this arena. Our services include Targeted Data Lists, Email Marketing Solutions, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Real-Time Internet Leads and much more. Simply call us today and we can get you’re started on developing effective health insurance live leads. We can help you address those issues that seem to plague many companies and cause them to fail. To succeed, use our powerful, innovative marketing service to gain exclusive, pre-screened leads that are sold just to you. Don’t compete with others for the same leads anymore.

With a 100 percent contact rate, we as a pioneer in this industry boast the best conversion rates you’ll find anywhere else.