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Debt Settlement Transfer Leads

Live Transfer Debt Settlement Leads

When interested debt holders respond to our marketing campaigns and calls, they are instructed to first speak to a qualifying agent for a quick pre-screening process before they can be put in direct contact by a debt counselor, such as yourself. Through our pre-screening process, our call – agents will go over a series of questions with the debt holder. The pertinent yet specific questions asked by our agents help ensure that the debt settlement leads we generate are extremely qualified.

To make sure that you can access your leads from anywhere, we send only qualified debt prospects exclusively to you via our Live Transfer process. You will then instantaneously receive the lead application details through our secure client website. When you login using your ID and password, you can view your leads anytime so you can successfully track your live transfer campaign.

These debt settlement live transfers® are available to you only as exclusive leads. With no competition and potential clients eagerly waiting for your help, these exclusive debt consolidation leads will yield a minimum debt amount of $10,000.

Our Live Transfer customers benefit from 100% debt holder contact ratios with no cold-calling ever involved. Through our successful Live Transfer Process they are experiencing 15-30%+ closing rates with our service.