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Debt Live Transfer Leads

Established in 2001, is the premiere provider and creator of live transfers®, specifically debt settlement live leads. What are live transfers®, you ask? Live transfers® are exclusive sales leads that connect a sales person with a potential client by telephone instantly. Utilizing various online and offline marketing strategies — from TV and radio to Internet and print — we can easily generate live transfer leads. This industry-enhancing solution has become a sought-after marketing product that boosts closing rates for sales people no matter what niche they’re in.

Specializing in debt settlement live leads, we provide sales professionals like you not only with live transfer leads, we also boast live-transfer technology strategies to allow your clients to generate their own sales leads. Our specialty is to leverage technology so clients can target the qualified customers they need to stand above the competition. We have several ways of coming up with qualified sales leads. One way is to drive traffic to web sites where the potential is there for them to obtain the information they require to make a decision on a specific product or service. Customers interested in the product or service provide comprehensive information showcasing the client’s qualifications. Through the utilization of state of the art data gathering, routing and sorting systems, we connect your customers to you via phone each and every day. We take advantage of other strategies in addition to the web, including direct mailer, telemarketing, radio ads, newspapers and TV commercials. We pre-screen inbound calls and transfer them live. With top-notch customer service and the highest quality sales leads available in the industry today, we can meet or exceed your expectations.

To boost your revenue further, you can become part of our affiliate program that results in a higher payout, higher revenue with high conversion offers, top-notch tracking software and quick commission payouts on the first of the month. Our services include targeted data lists, email marketing, web design, search engine marketing and real-time Internet leads.

In terms of debt settlement live transfers®, we offer a whole host of services. When debt holders respond to our calls, they must speak to an agent and take part in a pre-screening process before being put in touch with a debt counselor like you. The questions asked are designed to ensure qualified debt settlement leads. Access your leads wherever you are as part of the Live Transfer process. Log in through our secure system and you can track your customized campaign. You have no competition yet many potential clients, with exclusive debt consolidation leads giving you at least $10,000 in debt amounts. With complete debt holder contacts and never a cold call in sight, you experience success with an up to 30 percent closing rate. To get results today, give us a call.