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Annuity Live Transfer Leads

There are annuity live lead providers for licensed independent insurance agents, registered financial advisors, insurance brokers, professional financial planners, and registered investment advisors. Their highly qualified and exclusive annuity prospect leads are created from millions of postcards that are mailed to targeted seniors in selected zip codes. They are profiled as likely investment holders. The annuity prospects leads are also referred to as insurance sales leads or investment sales leads.

Their in-house call center carefully screens thousands of calls on a daily basis. They also pre-qualify leads from annuity sales, investment sales prospects, and insurance sales prospects. Some of these companies schedule free reviews for seniors who want to communicate with someone about their investments. They primarily schedule pre-set appointments for financial representatives and insurance agents with annuity holders, 401k holders, IRA holders, and people that have funds available from transfers, IRA rollovers, 403 (b), 1035 life insurance, variable annuities, annuity policy changes, or endowment policy exchanges.

Their insurance, annuity, investment prospect lead generation system is ideal for insurance field marketing organizations. It is also ideal for financial experts who want a successful marketing program for working exclusive and qualified sales leads. Their investor, insurance, and annuity leads program is an extra resource for insurance agents. It is also an additional resource for financial advisors that want to increase their chances to sell insurance, investments, and annuities.

Many annuity live lead prospects have an annuity contract with a life insurance company. These individuals have paid a single premium. That premium will be distributed back to them over time. These annuity contract holders are guaranteed income over time until death or a pre-defined final date. Annuity lead prospects that hold annuities utilize their annuities to accumulate money without paying capital gains and income taxes. They often take lump sum withdrawals. They bypass the guaranteed income for life feature.

Most of these companies’ clients are often financial advisers or insurance agents. They sell deferred annuities. These annuities include fixed indexed annuities, fixed annuities, and variable annuities. They are paid one percent to ten percent of the total invested in the annuity as a commission. There could be a possible trail of commissions or options for variable annuities. An upfront commission is usually paid to insurance agents.