Pre-Qualified Live Transfers®

Live Transfers is a pioneer in the service of Live Transfers in the sales leads industry.

We offer live transfers in the following industries:

  • Mortgage
  • Debt Consolidation/Settlement
  • Insurance
  • Auto
  • Education
  • Business Loans
  • Mercant Cash Advance

We also offer custom live transfer campaigns in any industry. We service some of the largest lenders and brokers nationally, as well as thousands of single agents across the country.

Live Transfers consistently launches a multitude of online and offline marketing campaigns to drive traffic to our in-house call center. Once the consumer calls into our office, one of our live operators will pre-qualify the interested consumer and will gather specific information based on our customers requests.

When a viable lead comes in, and after we have collected his/her information, the lead is then transferred directly to the number selected. The sales person then picks up the phone and closes 15-25% of our live calls into sales.


Live Transfers Direct is an industry leader specializing in Live Transfer Leads and performance-based online marketing, which means we generate leads on a CPL (Cost per Lead) basis.

We drive traffic to your landing page and only charge on conversions. We can customize your existing offer (landing page or website) or have our web design team build one for you, so each one of your leads is branded to your company and truly exclusive to you.

With our in house publishers and top affiliates that specialize in various channels of advertising such as opt-in email, search, social media and display, we guarantee that the traffic we drive to your offer is the highest quality and will give you the return on investment you are looking for.

When a viable lead comes in, and after we have collected his/her information, the lead is then transferred directly to the number selected. The sales person then picks up the phone and closes 15-25% of our live calls into sales.

BENEFITS of Generating your own Live Leads!

  • Highest Quality
  • Better Pricing
  • Control of your marketing
  • Better ROI
  • Leads truly Exclusive to your company

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting

Once we’ve called someone interested in your message, our management system can transfer the contact to your call center or office in seconds. All you have to give us is a phone number to transfer your contacts to.

What sets us apart from everyone else, is our comprehensive campaign delivery and management system. Below is a list of all of our call center management features, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. Go ahead and see for yourself, login to our Web Management System to see how easy it is to control your call center campaign.

Free Web Based Account Management

  • Change your “Transfer” Phone Number in Real Time
  • Increase or Decrease the Number of Call Center Contacts Made Per Minute
  • Change the Caller ID Shown on your Outgoing Contacts
  • Change the Number of Simultaneous Calls Allowed to your Office
  • Playback Recordings for Quality Control
  • Add Numbers to the In-House DO-NOT-CALL List
  • Turn Your Campaign Management ON or OFF In Real Time
  • Run Real Time Reports
  • Change your Scheduled Broadcast Hours

Targeted Data Lists

Target highly motivated and qualified prospects using Live Transfer’s industry leading marketing databases. The most important factor in any marketing program is connecting your product or service with the right audience that will respond and convert into sales. With hundreds of millions of records updated and appended on a daily basis, let Live Transfers help you target the right database to make your next marketing program a success.

Mortgage & Real Estate

Live Transfers has the most comprehensive marketing database for mortgage marketing in the country. With approximately 70 millions homeowners identified, we can actively target those who need a refinance or new purchase now.

Business to Business

Live Transfers give you access to information on 14 million U.S. companies so you can identify your target market and find quality sales leads with ease. Target businesses with great accuracy and acquire the right business to business clients.

Insurance & Financial Services

Live Transfers developed proprietary modeling techniques to pinpoint the ideal prospects for insurance agents, financial planners and stock brokers. Unlock your key to new business in the financial and insurance markets.

Consumer Database

With the consumer list, you have access to the most complete data lists available. Our list contains records for almost 98% of all consumers, and provides information about households, purchasing, demographic, and lifestyles.